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Do you have a burning desire to fully and freely Walk Your Talk?

Are you ready to confidently own your fierce and reclaim your fabulous self?

Is it time to fully in-body your Authentic Alpha Female Leadership Essence? 

Welcome to the White Wolf Wisdom Live Retreat!

Ancient Alpha Female Leadership Wisdom for Modern Day Women


Wolves and Women

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There is a deep, powerful connection that exists between Alpha Female Wolves and Women because of the fundamental responsibilities we share as leaders, mothers, educators, and nurturers.  

The White Wolf Wisdom Way Path comes directly from the unbroken ancient teachings of one of the oldest and wisest Female Leadership lineages on the planet.  White Wolf is a pure spirit guide who takes women on the journey of reconnecting with their Authentic Alpha Female Leadership Essence. 

White Wolf is now sharing her deeply embodied legacy of female leadership with Modern Day Women who are ready to emerge and impact the world by living the right use of their power and potency which comes when one owns all aspects of themselves from highly sensitive to fierce and fabulous.  This ownership and acceptance of one’s whole self allows her to stand strong as a leader in order to protect that which is most precious, valuable and sacred in our world. 

In a long standing tradition spanning thousands of years, White Wolf is here to share with Modern Day Female Leaders the ancient embodied wisdom of Walking Your Talk.  As a highly gifted guide in the art of direct communication she teaches women to connect in a way that is honest, respected, liberating, precise, clean, and leaves no emotional residue.  

When women speak, live and love from their Authentic Alpha Female Essence it creates peace, builds trust and opens up a stream of possibilities in any environment.  Once you begin walking this path you are able to assist yourself and thus your world back to a path of wholeness, respecting the sacredness in all life that comes directly from your inner knowing and connection to your natural essence.  

When you look into the eyes of a Wolf, you may feel for the first time, the deep, primal, instinctual nature of your authentic self without any mask, justifications, excuses, manipulations or judgments and come home to your soul’s knowing that in the creator’s eyes we are all equal in our power and leadership.
- Alecia Eagleheart

Alecia Eagleheart

Come Join Us To Unleash Your Authentic Alpha Female Leadership Essence and Meet with The Wolves!!!

Join White Wolf Way Creatress, Alecia Eagleheart, as she shares with you all that she has learned from her Alpha female Aiyanna and the White Wolf Alpha Female Leadership Council Lineage.  She and Aiyanna will take you on a 4-day deep dive through a profoundly transformative process that will assist you in laying a new foundation to integrate and embody your Authentic Alpha Female Essence.

Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength.
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

What The White Wolf Wisdom Retreat will teach you:

How to reconnect with your Instinctual Inner Alpha Essence which includes your Fierce Feminine
The simple yet powerful technique of inner tracking to recall the root of what needs to be released in your belief system, emotions and habits
The 5 energy keys of Authentic Alpha Female Leadership
To release the unconscious bonds and vows of your family lineage and set yourself free to be your Wild Wolf Spirit
A simple yet profound Breathing Technique to clear and center your energy and mind - any time, any where
To face your deepest fears and heart's deepest desires as you interact with wolves at wild spirit

You will Walk away with:



We will be joined by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Director Leyton Cougar. Leyton will share with us his knowing and years of experience about the truth of the Authentic Alpha Male Energy: what it was designed to do, how it is designed to support and work in conjunct with the Alpha Female and what we as women need to know to best support ourselves and our men.



This a super rare and incredibly special gift.  You will spend one-one time with our White Wolf Sisters and Brothers.   There will be 2 wolf interactions during our retreat where you will get to connect with the incredible Wolf Ambassadors at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary who will touch a special place inside of you that was meant only for you to receive and unlock during your journey.



You will also participate in a Sacred Fire Ceremony that will provide you an opportunity to release the depths of the trauma and drama of Leadership that have been miscreated and misunderstood through your lineage and align with the Authentic Alpha Female and Male energies now emerging on our planet which you consciously get to bring forward now and co-create. 

About the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary:

Set among the gorgeous mountainous back drop of Ramah, New Mexico at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary you will spend 4 days in deep immersion into the White Wolf Wisdom teachings. This live retreat features a rare opportunity to dive deeply into the path of reclaiming your Alpha Female Leadership Essence.

The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary features a beautiful, large custom retreat lodge that will be your peaceful sanctuary during the retreat. This 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom lodge features cathedral ceilings, a fireplace, cable and WIFI. The wrap-around deck and bedroom porches provide ample views overlooking beautiful mountain acreage.

BEST OF ALL it's close enough to hear the Wolves howling through the night!

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Ramah, New Mexico

Oct 11-14, 2018

3pm - 6pm Thursday
9am - 8pm Friday and Saturday
9am - 12:30pm Sunday
(Fire Ceremony on Friday evening)

Authentic Leadership Training
Wolf Interactions
3  Meals a Day

$1997 PP

10 Participants

                      Don't miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME,                          LIFE-CHANGING Journey!

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Have Questions for Alecia?

Alecia Evans, founder of the White Wolf Wisdom Way Authentic Alpha Female Leadership Program, facilitates her clients to free themselves from their past and move forward with the type of clarity, precision and potency that can only come from connecting with their Instinctual Wisdom. She offers private mentoring, online leadership training, and live retreats.  Learn more about Alecia here or contact her at

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