Alecia consults with Bad Ass Female Leaders who silently suffer from the shame or embarrassment of “self-doubt” and “not-enoughness” and who are ready to finally release those limitations and victoriously reclaim their freedom and birthright to Walk Their Talk and unleash their True Self Confidence. 
Her signature White Wolf Wisdom Way programs (online and face to face with the wolves) facilitate a profound transformation on the deepest emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical levels that free her clients to be the authentic and respected leaders they were born to be.  The Wolves have a way of teaching that penetrates to the depth of each woman’s soul igniting the fire of passion, purpose and power within her own heart through impeccable boundaries, honesty and wisdom reconnecting her to her instinctual knowing.


With the precision of a Wolf, Alecia’s natural genius is her ability to laser focus in to the root of the issue and clear it up

Alecia Evans is the creatress of The Way of the White Wolf:  Instinctual Alpha Female Leadership Training.  Her passion for Wolves began at a young age from her 2 bedroom apartment in the Bronx and was inspired by many weekend visits with her father and sister to see the Wolves at the Bronx Zoo.  Her work with Wolves began to emerge as her Alpha Female puppy, Aiyana came into her life 5 years ago.  Studying with and observing Aiyana’s native language of Instinctual Energy Embodiment and how she used it to train other dogs led Alecia to become aware of the missing component of embodiment in the human female foundation of leadership that are now ready to emerge globally.

As a Holistic Dog Trainer, Animal Communicator and Animal Healer for over 20 years, Alecia has successfully worked with thousands of dogs and their humans to rebalance their behaviors, health and emotions.   Due to her own long and deep spiritual path she began opening up to listen to what the dogs had been wanting to teach their humans. 

As a result of Aiyana’s teachings she observed how the “Command Based Training” approach is like a one-way conversation and leaves out the vast intelligence of the dog.  Her unique and brilliant approach teaches her human clients the Natural Language of Dogs which is based in the Energetic Embodiment of Instinctual Leadership Communication which is the basis of two-way communication and is the natural way in which the oldest and most natural dogs actually teach their young. 

Having spent much time in the company of dogs simply observing their natural behaviors as well as communicating with thousands of dogs Alecia began to observe the spiritual role Dogs (God spelled backwards) were playing in the lives of their humans.   As man’s best friend, the dogs began to share with Alecia the issues their humans were experiencing and asked her to share their perspectives with them in order to reclaim their Authentic Selves through the “training” process. 

Alecia has been a student of Qi Gong for 22 years.  She began her career as an Elite Level Fitness Trainer in NYC transforming the lives of high level executives, celebrities, comedians and 79 year old grandmothers who chose to climb Mount Olympus in Greece.  Her diverse background led her to study about: Pilates, Somatic Bodywork, Yoga, Flower Essences, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Shamanism and Energy Work.  

Alecia developed her unique style of Breath work and created The Just Breath Technique™ CD to assist people in reclaiming their health and inner peace in a short time with her simple method that has transformed hundreds of lives.

Alecia also is the co-creator of Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System and author of:  The In Sync™ Dog Training Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You to Unleash Your Greatness. 

She offers: Online Courses, Personal Coaching and Private Retreats on The Way of The White Wolf: Alpha Female Leadership.