The White Wolf Alpha Female Leadership Course and You!

The White Wolf Alpha Female Leadership Course has been designed to take you through a very powerful and profound 9 week journey of self-discovery and re-connection with your Instinctual Authentic Alpha Female power.  

Week by week we will lay a new foundation which begins with releasing your core trauma and then reconnects you with your core truth of who you really are. You will grow in strength daily as a wolf pup would under the direct guidance and wisdom of The White Wolf Alpha Female whose clarity of energy, purity of heart, strength, courage and wisdom allows you to awaken and embody the Authentic Alpha Female in you.     

WEEK 1:  
6 Energy Secrets of an Authentic Alpha Female

Learn the 6 Energy Secrets that are the foundation of the White Wolf Alpha Female Training.  These 6 Energetic Keys will assist you in building a solid, clear and powerful foundation for the rest of your training.  Over the next 9 weeks we will weave these 6 Energies into every area of your life so that you feel comfortable and securely grounded in how to utilize them with proficiency and skill and master them in all areas of your life.  

The 6 Secrets include:

  • Consistency
  • Say What You Mean and Meaning What You Say -Mastering Inner Alignment of Your Energy
  • Clear Boundaries- Learning How To Use Your Energy 
  • Relationship First –Have Respect For Each Being 
  • Harnessing the Energy and Learning to Play
  • Owning The Energy of Authentic Alpha Leadership    

And the Journey Begins!!!!


Clearing Your Core Trauma

A core trauma is an experience that lead you away from your Foundational Truth of your innate perfection and connection to your divine source.  The core trauma often occurred when you were simply being yourself:  open, vulnerable and natural.

The core trauma often can feel painful, scary and disruptive to your very essence and well- being.  Due to the pain of the core trauma the natural compensating reaction is to tell yourself something that is not true in order to limit our power and possibilities to stay safe and to fit in.  The Core Trauma is generally the root upon which the rest of your life story is built and too often you are not conscious that it is even there.

In week two, White Wolf will guide you on a powerful journey to uncover your core trauma in order to acknowledge it and see it for what it was at the time so you can finally set yourself free to reconnect with your Authentic Alpha Female Essence.  When you are able to see your core trauma clearly you are able to finally put it into perspective and recovery our instinctual, knowing, potent self. 

This week will may or may not feel very intense and uncomfortable AND it was also feel like the BEST shower you have ever taken in your life up until now!


Self is always the first place to start and the last place we often look.  Like the flight attendants say, “In case of an emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself first.”  As a women you generally tend to everyone else’s needs before your own.  In our present society we are just learning to develop a strong core and center of knowing who we are as individuals while managing relationships and the path of being in alignment within ourselves.   

Starting with self as the focal point allows you to start on this journey in the most relevant place- WITHIN your sacred circle.   This provides you with a deep grounding and knowledge of who you are, what you need and how you are resourcing yourself first which provides you with a deep connection to your truth which must be owned and honored daily to keep a sacred balance for your sanity and health.   

White Wolf is a master teacher of knowing herself and she teaches you how to do the same as you fearlessly look into your heart to see your truth contained within and learn to embody and live that truth.

WELCOME HOME TO YOU!!! Take a look in the mirror and say HI to the REAL You for the first time!


WEEK 4:    
Spiritual Path

Your Spiritual Path is the reason you came to this earth journey.  Remembering what your heart chose to experience here while uncovering your hearts deepest truth and longing and then living that life IS your spiritual path.  And it may look very different than what you “thought” or learned to think it would be when you grew up.   But your growing up was an experience that you chose to go through so that you would know the contrast of what did not feel right and learn to live in a way that is your Authentic Truth and feels perfect for you.
White Wolf will share with you the power contained within to be exactly who you are, to stand in your power with no guilt, shame, fear, doubt or denial of the essence of your soul and spirit.  She takes you to task here to be completely honest and vulnerable in the truth of your instinctual knowing and own your power within.   

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Welcome back from OZ Dorothy.  Settle in and get cozy in your new home.  There is no place like home!!!!!!!

WEEK 5:    

Health Is Wealth.   Without your health you will not be at your highest level of functioning as your body requires the nutrition to assist in your optimal level of balance, efficiency and brightness.   Health is not just your physical health it is your mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.   When you permit yourself to function from your deepest truth you will experience a profound sense of well-being in your body.   Often times when you experience a core trauma you suppress parts of yourself that you may feel led to the trauma. This suppression be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual can greatly compromise your health and inhibit you from living from your truth.  

White Wolf is here to assist you in reclaiming every ounce of your natural health and vibrancy back. She will lead you on a journey that will deliver the utmost clarity and strength to face your former fears on every level and transform them into your greatest strengths so that you feel healthy, vibrant and radiantly alive in your Feminine Essence.    

It’s time to Unleash all of your Good Vibrations!

WEEK 6:    
Purpose- Business

What are you here to do?  What is your purpose?  Bet you have asked yourself that question several times or more.  These questions translate into “How do I use my skills, talents and abilities to provide for myself in this world and contribute my gifts to the world.”  

Often times we will move into our business life before we understand or have connected deeply with our purpose.  When we are not coming from a centered space of knowing our Authentic self, we do what we “think” we should only to find out later we don’t feel aligned with what we are doing.  Then we start to seek out what we feel more deeply aligned with in our hearts to take the best care of ourselves and share with the world. 

White Wolf will guide you into a heart centered journey that will assist you in discovering your true gifts, skills, talents and abilities so that you can then begin to have a deep relationship with and choose what you feel is the most unique way for you to unleash them and walk in an aligned state with your Alpha Female path.

Get Ready To Live Your Most Kick Ass, Potent and Powerful Life!

WEEK 7:    

Relationships come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  You have partners, children, parents, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, friends, co- workers, bosses- and all play a special and unique role in which you come to understand yourself more deeply.

Relationships are core to your existence and allow you to thrive and grow into the fullness and beauty that you are.  Some will be easier than others, some will present you with challenges that will test your willingness to stand in your true Alpha Female power in many different ways.

White Wolf assists you in navigating these waters with grace, centeredness and strength so that you can grow comfortable in your ability to own your Authentic Alpha Female Essence under any circumstances and with anyone and not lose yourself while always honoring both of you.

Time to make YOU the center of your world and watch the magic of life unfold around you!                                 

WEEK 8:    

Motherhood can be a great source of pride and skill for so many women, as well as a source of confusion, self-doubt, guilt and shame.  It’s a time when you move into a greater level of having to set and honor boundaries and master the strength you may not have known you possess.  The foundation you have built for yourself is crucial here and making sure you are confident in your core allows you to pass this along to your young.   When your core is clear, when you know yourself and have a strong center to come from you can raise your children no matter their age in a manner that is balanced and takes into account all life.  

It is your primary job to teach your children a solid, respectful, connected and whole way of being that will support their growth into who they chose to come to be in this life.   It is your job to ensure that they are provided that space to become their true selves and to honor their true knowing.

Children require consistency, clear boundaries, clear communication, a right to feel their feelings without it meaning anything about your parenting skills, a right to be exactly where and who they are and a Mom who is a calm, nurturing, clear leader within her own self and can be fiercely protective of her young when needed. 

White Wolf is an exceptional mother who is both leader and nurturer teaching her young what they must know to thrive in their lives.  This will be a special sacred journey that she leads you on where you will make a new level of connection with your inner child, the children in your life or the children coming into your life that will give you a new sense of strength, courage and the deepest wisdom about the care, nurturing and raising of children. 

This week is one of precious and profound transformation and forgiveness!!!!

WEEK 9:    
The Whole

Living as the whole.  Too often our lives are segmented and fragmented in our modern day world.  White Wolf has introduced you to the essence of your core that you are now able to take into every area of your life.   This week we will explore and integrate all that you have discovered and learned over the past 8 weeks to conclude with a feeling of wholeness and inner alignment that allows you to be in flow with who you are in all areas of our lives. 

We will conclude with a White Wolf Sacred Blessing and meditation that asks White Wolf to come and live in your heart for the rest of your life time as a teacher, guide and wisdom keeper of your souls sacred knowledge. 

Well done!!!!!