What you Will Learn

  • Complete ownership and in-bodiment of your Authentic Alpha Female Essence
  • Come Home to feeling safe, secure, comfortable, peaceful and radiant in your own skin
  • How to BE your Authentic Alpha Essence in all areas of your life  ( self, home, children, spouse, work, friends, boss)
  • Why the current embodiment of the Feminine will never be able to truly lead in a balanced and potent manner and how YOU can change that
  • How to reconnect to your most primal, instinctual self and why everything in our culture has terrorized you NOT to go there
  • Your Yes’s and Your No’s with unfailing compromise
  • To center yourself in your deepest knowing and intuition and why it is vital to choose from there
  • Know your Fierce and why she can be your best friend or worst enemy
  • How to BE your most loving self with the confidence of knowing your Fierce is available if and when needed
  • To completely trust and own your Truth
  • A fail proof way to be fully present and centered even in the face of any fear
  • To transform guilt, judgment, blame, shame, terror, fear and anger into your greatest gifts, strengths, abilities
  • To let go of self- denial, unworthiness and self -deprecation be the real YOU


Alpha Myths

Alpha simply means Leader.  It does not mean aggressive, angry or dominant, it means clear, concise, and wise.  Often as women we are intimidated or afraid to own this potent aspect of ourselves, especially the fierce protective energy that may at times need to express itself when the situation calls for it.  Too often we compensate with anger and aggression when we are afraid to be vulnerable, honor our own boundaries and express our personal truth.

While much focus has been on the Alpha Male, it is actually the Alpha female who is the primary  educator and nurturer of the young, as well as the Authentic Leader of her pack.  She is the one who lays down the clear boundaries of conduct that will enable her pups and pack to survive and thrive.   Her unabashed use of her fierce love to end behaviors that could endanger the pack is why we tap her powerful medicine at this time.  

She is responsible for nipping the behaviors that do not serve her pack’s ability to thrive by putting her paw down and saying, “ THAT’S ENOUGH! that behavior is unacceptable and dangerous and could get us hurt.”  She rebalances behaviors while leaving the dignity of the being fully intact.  She teaches us how to masterfully correct the behavior without harming the emotional well-being of her young.


Free to Be You

The White Wolf Wisdom Leadership Path is about learning the joy and freedom to truly be who we are.  To speak, act and live honestly, authentically, instinctually and clearly even in times of stress while taking actions that are true to our hearts deepest knowing and wisdom.    This is a path of learning to live our truth by having clear boundaries and not crossing them or allowing them to be manipulated.  To be our light, wisdom and courage in the world when so much of this world wants to make us conform to a lesser truth or version of ourselves.  

White Wolf teaches us the power of saying what we mean and meaning what we say with a natural confidence, ease, and clarity.   She trains us to be exactly who we are and stand in our truth without any shame, guilt, fear or anger. 

White Wolf helps us find our voice, stand in our true power, let go of any sense of victimization, and never forget the necessity of taking full responsibility for our Alpha Female nature to ensure the protection of the delicate balance of life for ourselves and all life.   

White Wolf represents the embodied teaching of Walking Our Talk.  She is here to lead us back to the dignity and integrity of the One Heart Path.  Once we begin walking this path we are able to assist ourselves and thus our world back to a path of wholeness, respecting the sacredness in all life that comes directly from our inner knowing and connection to our natural essence.

Clearing Our Core Trauma

Almost every healer in a body today has experienced a core trauma that set in motion a protective belief or behavior system that while once beneficial is now a block to accessing their deepest gifts, talents, strengths and abilities. 

In order for women to allow their potent power to emerge, they must first clear their core trauma.  The core trauma being defined as: the first inner wounding to a women’s psyche that caused them to abandon their own power and believe in the separation between their source and themselves.  This experience is at the root of what leaves most women feeling powerless, unsafe and desperate.  The core trauma experience, be it emotional, physical or psychological is the place upon which women build their entire life’s story.  It is here in this unseen inner soil that we planted the seeds of our own limitations and gave up our power because it was the safest thing to do at the time. Any time we feel triggered by a person or situation it is the core trauma that is generally asking to be acknowledged and cleared.    

With her rivetingly keen, laser like insight White Wolf facilitates women in accessing their core trauma which began the lie we started to tell ourselves which most often is the exact opposite of our soul’s truth to keep us from reclaiming our true power.   For example, if one has the core trauma of “I’m not good enough,” the truth would be, “I am always enough.”

When women clear their core trauma, they can see it clearly for what it was and then their entire story of the past melts away. As the “story” collapses, only their Authentic Alpha Female Essence remains. Women can reclaim their balanced, natural power in a way that leaves them feeling whole, in-powered, alive and truly free to own our deepest knowing and live it.    

White Wolf has chosen to be our guide on this sacred soul journey to accessing, acknowledging and releasing our core trauma.  She leads us on a path of Coming Home to our power.  She will guide us on a journey into the very depth of our soul to remember and reclaim our truth and bring us out the other side by sharing with us how to reweave our connection with our original Alpha Female essence to walk through this world in alignment with our deepest knowing and hearts truth.

On an unconscious level many healers agreed to call in these core traumas in order to know the opposite which is their immense power! 

Join White Wolf Way Creatress, Alecia Evans, as she shares with women all that she has learned from her White Wolf guide, Aiyanna.  Together Alecia and Aiyanna guide women through the deeply transformative process of clearing their core trauma and then teach them the wisdom of The 5 Energy Keys of Authentic Alpha Female Leadership – this assists women in laying a new foundation to own and integrate their Authentic Alpha Female Essence.