There is a deep, powerful connection that exists between Alpha Female Wolves and Women because of the fundamental responsibilities we share.  

White Wolf Wisdom Way is a course designed directly from the unbroken ancient lineage of the Alpha Female White Wolf.   

The White Wolf is a pure guide who takes women on a journey of remembering their Authentic Alpha Female Essence while reconnecting them with their essential value and potent power as leaders, educators, nurturers and mothers in the world.  She teaches women the art of direct communication that is honest, precise and clean, leaving no emotional residue.   

When women speak, live and love from their Authentic Alpha Female Essence it creates peace, builds trust and opens up a stream of possibilities in any environment.  When women live from a place of fear and scarcity (disconnected from their power), boundaries become murky and it creates frustration, aggression and separation in all involved.    White Wolf Wisdom helps women embody and sustain their innate potency as clear communicators so they can live from a place where they mean what they say and say what they mean without fear or guilt and without it ever being taken personally.


Who Is White Wolf Alpha Female?

The White Wolf Alpha Female is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy as she navigates the balance between power and vulnerability.  

White Wolf is a leader of leaders.  She represents the physical, emotional and spiritual embodiment of being at one with herself and all life as she owns herself- 100%.

Confident, radiant, and fully present in each moment she makes no excuse for her authority or fierce grace when needed as she walks through life with clarity, dignity, femininity and strength.  

Self- sufficient yet nurturing, devoted to her mate and family, she is crystal clear with her intentions and boundaries as she educates and nurtures her pack to bring out the best in each one. 

A wise and potent leader she fearlessly says what she means and means what she says. Her role is to set clear boundaries that are honored and respected by her family.  She is the leader because she is the most capable of seeing the many facets of life and the best strategies to thrive in all circumstances.  

She trusts herself implicitly and remains in alignment with her inner knowing of the correct path and action to take in each moment and teaches each member of her family to do the same.


A Powerful Ally:

The Alpha Female White Wolf offers a special opportunity for women to access their innate potency in a deep new way and then take action from their intrinsic power which will have a profound influence on the direction of the human family’s future. She is ready to take women on a life expanding journey of clearing their core trauma and owning their true essence as a leader.

White Wolf is a powerful ally in assisting women to fully embrace and embody the energies and essence of the Authentic Alpha Female Leader within themselves.   She has the uncanny ability to pierce through a woman’s outer personality and reflect back her personal wisdom path to reclaim her own Authentic Alpha Female Essence and instinctual self.  She will challenge a woman to her core and stare through her when she sees that she has misaligned or abandoned her power.  

Seeing clearly what is out of alignment between what she thinks, says, feels and does White Wolf teaches women how to realign those energies in order to create with crystal clear intention in order to walk her talk with dignity, courage and grace.

White Wolf is here to teach women how to master the full integration of all aspects of their instinctual power and potency in order to live in a flowing and connected manner as is the Feminine Way.

She is now sharing her wisdom to lead women to carve out their own brilliant path of creation which begins with complete acceptance and ownership of the Authentic Alpha Female essence within themselves so they can emerge healthy, happy and in her natural power.


Why We Need Her Teachings At This Time:

Owning our individual White Wolf Authentic Alpha Female Essence is vital at this time in our evolution.   

Woman are the grounding force that hold our families and communities together as an anchor of truth and justice in our world.  

As women we have become unbalanced in our own power trying to be everything to everyone and not setting clear boundaries and taking a stand for what is the truth we know deep in our hearts which creates balance in our personal and outer world.  

White Wolf is in complete integrity with every aspect of her being.  She knows her Yes’s and No’s without fear, guilt or judgment of herself and honors her knowing in every interaction and situation. 

As women we are often taught and talked out of our Alpha Female power.  The truth is that only women have the power to birth children and in essence create life.  

As women it is imperative that we reclaim and embody our Authentic Alpha Female Leadership roles because only as In-bodied women can we stand up and rise up together and declare that what has taken place on our planet is ENOUGH!!!!  No longer are we willing to allow harm and destruction to come to our Mother Earth, our children, ourselves or the Animal Kingdoms for profit or any other unjustified reason. 

Our boundaries are in need of mending and our priorities and values are in need of clarification. This all begins with the choice inside of ourselves to embody all of who we are and be the White Wolf Alpha Female Leaders we came here to be.